Did you know that two of our popular private Facebook groups - our main Alopecia UK group and our Products and Services Chat group - are moderated every day of the year? With over 12,000 members, the main group is a busy place to be. Each month we have over 100 new members joining, with group members posting 500+ posts and 7000+ comments. That means a lot of work for our Moderator Team!

What is moderation and what does it mean?

Each new member request and all posts in the groups are considered for approval by our Moderator Team made up of some of our staff team and some brilliant volunteers. Our moderators also help to monitor comments within the group too.

Why is it important that we do this?

Our private Facebook Groups are our busiest peer support platforms. Our Moderator Team strive to ensure that our Facebook groups are, and remain, a friendly and safe space for our community, and free from any spam or false-information. 

Daily moderation (including all weekends and bank holidays) couldn’t happen without our wonderful volunteers and dedicated staff team. 

Could you join our Moderator Team?

We are looking for a couple of additional moderators to join us. Our moderators are a friendly team that work on a rota-basis to fit in with their lives.

You will receive detailed onboarding and training, regular online meetups and there will be plenty of support available from your fellow moderators. If you think you might be able to help us, and would like to learn more, please read find our full role description and application form here