It is about personal choice and whatever you feel comfortable doing.  There will be lots of us around doing some awareness raising and taking wigs/hats off to go on the rides.  We have found in previous years that lots of people actually want to remove their headwear and felt quite empowered doing so, particularly because it was amongst a large group of others with alopecia.  Some people wear wigs and hats, others don't, and some just take it off in the queue for rides.  The nice thing is that people feel free to choose.  It can be quite a nerve-wracking thing to do if you don't normally show anyone your alopecia, if this is the case for you we would encourage you to join an Alopecia UK group just in case you do decide you want to remove headwear for going on rides. You certainly do not have to and you will be respected, as well as supported, in what you choose to wear or not wear. While many may have wigs/head coverings that stay on when going on rollercoasters, we want to create an environment where people feel comfortable to have the choice in what they do! (Weather permitting - it can be quite chilly in April!).