We offer the following groups:

1a - for the little little ones that don't like anything at all scary!

CBeebies (under 0.9 metres) 

Volunteers: Daisy Kirlew and Carly Barratt

Morning Route:  CBeebies Land - will work their way around everything suitable for those under 0.9 metres.
Afternoon Route:  Gallopers Carousel, Skyride to Mutiny Bay, Haunted Hollow, Duel, Sharkbait Reef

1b - for the little and also big ones that want more gentle rides

CBeebies (minimum height 0.9 metres)

Volunteers:  Amanda Baldwin & Linda Matthews
Morning Route:  CBeebies Land - Octonauts, Vroomster Zoom Ride, Justin's House Pie-o-matic (and whatever else can fit in!)
Afternoon Route:  Hex, Battle Galleons, Haunted Hollow, Duel, Congo River Rapids, Runaway Mine Train

2a & 2b - for those that feel too big for CBeebies and want to go on some big rides but aren't tall enough for (or don't like) the 1.4 metre rides

2a - Girls/Ladies (minimum height 1.2 metres)

Volunteers:  Hayley Kennedy, Amy Johnson, Susan Jarah

2b - Boys/Gents (minimum height 1.2 metres)

Volunteers:  Joseph Earley, Tim Jarah

Morning Route: Wicker Man, Th13teen, Enterprise, Spinball Whizzer
Afternoon Route: 
Hex, Battle Galleons, Haunted Hollow, Duel, Congo River Rapids, Runaway Mine Train
Group 2a and 2b may go round as one. 

3a, 3b & 3c - for those wanting the big rides

3a - Young Ones (minimum height 1.4 metres) - typically age 8 to 12/13

Volunteers:  Rachel Wadsworth, Julie Williams, Matthew Conway

3b – Teens (minimum height 1.4 metres) - typically age 13/14 to 21/22 (ish!)

Volunteers:  Naomi Hall, Hannah Goozee, Dominic Spooner, Michael Sweeney

3c – Adults (minimum height 1.4 metres) - typically those age 23/24 and over

Volunteers:  Elaine Cottrell, Anne Ray, Simon Ray, Damian Hamber

Morning Route: Oblivion, The Smiler, Rita, Th13teen
Afternoon Route:  Wicker Man, Galactica, Nemesis, Congo River Rapids, Runaway Mine Train

While taking the same route 3a, 3b and 3c will go round independently.  This means that a group can move on to the next ride without having to wait for everyone to come through as the groups are usually quite large.


See Volunteers in the morning to register with that group and get name badges.  Joining a group is optional (but is a great opportunity to meet others with alopecia).  If you join a group and then change your mind, that’s ok!  You don’t have to stay with a group, but please let your Group Volunteers know so they know you’ve gone.  If you lose your group please just call Jen (07763293687) at any stage of the day and she can contact the volunteers and then let you know where they are.

Please note:

The group volunteers will be advised to follow the routes listed however they are for guidance only. The groups will aim to include the above rides as a minimum but this is subject to queue times and ride closures on the day. The groups may also be able to fit more rides in that are not listed. It all depends what happens on the day.

The groups have been designed based on feedback and suggestions from previous years.  We're hoping that there is a group to suit all those who wish to join one. If you would like to take part in a group (whether for some or all of the day) you can make your decision based on:

• The type of rides you/your child would like to go on

• Height of you/your child

We hope that you will all find someone in your group that you/your child would like to meet. Be advised that things can change on the day with groups splitting or joining depending on uptake and attendee numbers.  We do not expect to be able to keep over 300 people together but we do want to give people the option to go round together as a big part of this is having the opportunity to meet others with alopecia which we know can be really beneficial. And there can be a lot of time waiting in queues so it is nice to have people to chat to! As the day goes on people might break in to smaller groups, which is absolutely fine. We want the day to be easy-going and for everyone to just enjoy themselves and have a good time!