Children & Young People

The Youth Network is a new initiative aimed at trying to provide more support for teenagers and young people living with alopecia. 

What can you expect from this workshop?

This online workshop uses experiential learning to help young people learn resilience-building skills that help them cope better with the challenges they face. The workshop will follow this structure: 

Introduction: The educator will explain how the session runs and what your group will do.
Practice: This will change depending on the topic, but it will be a chance for the group to try some practical exercises to help build their skills.
Discuss: Everyone in the group will have the chance to discuss and share their views, if they are comfortable to do so.  
Reflect: Everyone in the group can share how they felt about the workshop and what they learned with the educator. Your educator will also recommend what they can do next to continue with the topic. 

Attendees will:

  • explain how people can cope with challenges using the four pillars of resilience
  • understand the relationship between connections with others and resilience
  • feel confident to apply what they have learnt to better cope with challenge

We know it can be nerve-wracking to meet people for the first time, especially online. Some attendees of our previous online meetings have told us they felt nervous logging on but were very glad they joined as they got a lot out of it and came away feeling more comfortable and confident about their alopecia. If anyone is feeling particularly nervous about joining a meeting, feel free to contact our team in advance and we can try to reduce any nerves you may have.

Who is this meeting suitable for? 

This meeting is for young people with alopecia ages 13-17. This meeting is only open to those in the UK.

Who will host the meeting? 

The meeting will be hosted by the Red Cross.

An Alopecia UK staff member will also be in attendance to run any technology, keep the meeting safe and address any issues if they arise.

How can I sign up for the meeting?

If you would be interested in joining this meeting please complete the following: 
Please note: all of our meetings are free to attend.

  • Read through our session rules and ensure you are happy and comfortable to proceed. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email [email protected] 

  • Head to 'Register for a space' below and select the number of people you would like to register for. Click 'BOOK'.
    (In most circumstances, the quantity will be 1. Situations, where this may not be the case, would be if multiple siblings had alopecia and would also like to attend.)

  • Once you have clicked 'BOOK' you will be asked to complete a few questions. Please ensure your email is correct as this is how we will contact you to confirm your space. Once completed please click 'CONFIRM'. 

  • This will take you to the 'basket'. A reminder all our meetings are completely free to attend, there is however opportunity at this point to provide an optional donation to help us continue the work we do, should you wish to. Once ready please click 'COMPLETE PURCHASE'.

  • You will then receive a confirmation email. Should there be any queries regarding your registration one of our team will get in touch.  On the morning of the session you will receive a reminder email, in this email will be the Zoom meeting link. This link is only for you and must not be shared elsewhere.

Registration for this meeting will close at 9AM on Monday 17th of June. 

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