We currently have eight groups across the UK for Children and/or Teens.  There are two types of volunteers for these groups - Group Leads and Helpers. 

Group Leads

Group Leads take the overall lead with the groups, ensuring the overall co-ordination and delivery of the meetings is a success.  Typically group leads organise, set up, co-ordinate and deliver meetings.  This will involve finding and booking venues as well as managing an AUK inbox where they will respond to enquiries and send out communications to their group distribution list.  On the actual meeting day they will welcome everyone to the meeting and organise all helpers and activities.


We like to try and get some adults with alopecia along to the Children and Teens groups.  This provides an opportunity for positive role modelling as well as giving the young people the opportunity to ask the adults questions, particularly so if the adults also experienced alopecia when they were younger which many of the Children and Teen Group helpers have.  The Helpers then also get stuck in with games and activities!

Number of Volunteers:

Group Leads

 9 (8 groups)

Helpers approximately 15 (although this number changes depending on availability)