It's that time of year again! Yes, September is upon us. Alopecia Awareness Month. The month of the year dedicated to raising awareness. At Alopecia UK, we try to raise awareness of alopecia twelve months a year. After all, one of our charity aims is to raise awareness. But it's wonderful to have a month in which efforts are focused on spreading the word and educating others. 

We encourage everyone to get involved in raising awareness of alopecia. Fundraising for Alopecia UK is a great way to raise awareness too. You could set up a fundraising page on our website, or perhaps start a Facebook Fundraiser, or even host a Mad Hatter's Party! You can purchase an awareness badge or wristband from our online shop or even order some alopecia awareness cards

But if you're wanting to do something with the least effort required, by far the easiest way to raise awareness this September is to engage with us on social media. We have public pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Simply by clicking 'like' on our posts or commenting on or sharing our posts really does make all the difference. The greater the engagement on our social media posts, the bigger the audience we reach. 

And this helps. It really does! We have newly diagnosed individuals who find Alopecia UK from seeing a post that someone else has shared on their Facebook page. And it also helps to raise awareness with the general public unconnected to alopecia.

Social media can play a positive role in raising awareness. Not everyone has the time to dedicate to organising their own event or activity. Interacting with our social media accounts is the simplest way for you to be involved in spreading the word this September and involves just a click or two on your phone, tablet or computer. 

So please, please, please get 'liking', 'commenting', 'sharing', 'retweeting', 'hashtagging' and 'regramming' this September! And if you're doing your own individual awareness posts, consider tagging us in those posts so that we can see what you're doing too! 

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Plus, did you know that you can now add Donate buttons to Facebook posts and stories and Instagram stories? Alopecia UK is registered with both platforms so you can use your own social media posts to raise funds too! 

Thank you for your support this September!