At Alopecia UK, we want to reflect on the good and the bad when it comes to talking about hair loss. This Alopecia Awareness Month, we have two blogs which highlight the positives and the negatives of alopecia. In this one, we’re focusing on the good!

  1. It makes us better people. Sounds dramatic huh? But so many people have told us over the years that alopecia has been the making of them. Losing our hair can mean we are more empathetic to the challenges that others face. We can be more accepting of others with visible differences because of our own experiences. This makes us better humans, we're sure of it!
  2. Speedy showers! Ok, we know this doesn’t apply to everyone with alopecia but for those of us with total hair loss, or buzzed back hair, we give ‘wash and go’ a whole new meaning! No need to spend ages shampooing, conditioning, drying and styling. The question is, do we put the time we save to good use?
  3. An opportunity to mix it up! Alopecia offers a chance to explore various fashion styles without being limited by traditional hair-related norms. Wigs, headscarves, hats or rocking a bald look can become exciting avenues for self-expression. The photos shared in our Facebook group show the many ways that bald heads can be beautifully decorated with henna, tattoos and body paint!
  4. The stigma is reducing. We love that alopecia is showing up more and more in mainstream media. Whether it’s a newspaper article, a segment on The One Show, or a model on a billboard for a high street fashion retailer, we have seen people with alopecia crop up in the media more than ever before! We love that this is contributing to a more accepting society.
  5. Ambassadors flying the flag! We have some wonderful ambassadors who have helped to get people talking about alopecia and show us that alopecia doesn’t have to stop you from achieving great things! Our ambassadors have won awards, and gold medals, and achieved great things in their chosen professions!
  6. The variety of experiences. We may all be brought together by our hair loss, but our stories are very different. It is great to learn about our individual experiences and gain strength and inspiration from these. (You can read the experiences of others by heading to our ‘Blogs’ section).
  7. Inner strength. Alopecia often requires immense inner strength to navigate the emotional and physical challenges it presents. This strength can be a powerful asset in facing other obstacles in life.
  8. Inspiring others. People with alopecia often serve as role models for others on their journey with hair loss. We see this with the wonderful alopecia influencer community on Instagram. There are some fabulous influencers who are challenging societal beauty standards and empowering others.
  9. Resilience and personal growth. Alopecia can be something that leads to personal growth and building resilience. Facing and overcoming the challenges associated with the condition often leads to personal transformation and a stronger sense of self.
  10. The best community in the world. We know we might be biased, but we truly believe that Alopecia UK’s community is the BEST. Supporting, uplifting and inspiring each other every day. When you lose your hair, it’s understandable to dwell on what you have lost. But those who join our community gain a sense of belonging, empowerment and comfort. Some people have even told us that they feel they have gained far more than they have lost. There are plenty of ways to get involved in our community:

If you are interested to find out the things that really grind our gears, you can find our ’10 things we hate about alopecia’ blog here.