We are delighted to share our new short documentary ‘Shedding’ in which three individuals talk about alopecia and the ways it has impacted on their lives.  We hope the film will reach people far and wide to help raise awareness of alopecia, especially during September; Alopecia Awareness Month.

The short film features Naomi, Tom and Angie who all open up about their own personal experience with alopecia.  Their words will ring true for many as they talk about the sense of mourning they felt and the difficulties in coming to terms with a losing their hair, the struggles with treatment and finally what helped them to overcome their struggles and live more happily and confidently with alopecia.

The title of the documentary came from Video Director, Dominic Allen and plays on the word ‘shedding’.  This documentary is not only about those with alopecia shedding their hair, but also about them ‘shedding’ their façade on camera, to reveal what goes on internally.  It aims to work as a strong metaphor for how those with alopecia face the challenge of adapting, readjusting and renewing their confidence and identity.

The video was produced by ‘drp’, Dominic says,

“drp has always taken pride in actively getting involved in CSR for both the local community and charity projects around the UK. Whilst thinking of a documentary project that might have personal invested interest, I realised that the subject of Alopecia would be a perfect one for me to explore as a video director – especially as a very close friend of mine has suffered with the condition for the last few years.

Working with Alopecia UK has been incredibly rewarding, not least in meeting the three key protagonists (Naomi, Tom and Angie) within the film – all fantastic interviewees with very compelling stories to tell. I genuinely hope the work that myself and my drp colleagues have put into the making of the film, will provide a tangible benefit in creating awareness around the condition, but also in promoting the great work that Alopecia UK do for those who need support and advice.”

We are incredibly grateful to drp for producing such a fantastic video for us and we hope you benefit from watching it.