Children & Young People

Exciting news! Our award-winning animation film “Talking about alopecia” is now available to watch.

As part of the development of the Alopecia UK Schools Pack, we have created a short animation film featuring the voices of young people with alopecia. The filming of this animation provided the young people who took part the opportunity to have their say about what they would want their classmates and teachers to know about what it’s like to have alopecia.

Why did we create the film?

We wanted the voices of young people to be heard in the Schools Pack. Nobody can get across the experiences of young people with alopecia in schools better than young people themselves!  

How did we make the film?

Over the Summer of 2020, we ran a series of online animation workshops, collaborating with the wonderful Lydia Hibbert from Young Animators Club. Young people created their own animations and had a chance to talk about what school is like for someone with alopecia.

We are really proud of all the young people who helped to make this film. And we are absolutely delighted that the film won ‘Best Animation’ at the London Web & Short Film Festival in April 2021, testament to what a fantastic short film it is! 

A huge thank you to all the young people who took part, and to Lydia at Young Animators Club for bringing this to life.

We hope you enjoy the film!