One of the biggest challenges young people with alopecia face is the school environment. They must navigate feelings around appearing different to their peers, manage existing and new friendships whilst dealing with any unwanted attention such as comments or questions about their alopecia.

Evidence suggests that anxiety, low mood and low self-esteem can negatively impact educational attainment. Helping young people with alopecia to navigate the challenges of school can improve their social experience, whilst giving them the best chance to succeed academically.

The aim of this Staff Training is to increase awareness and improve understanding of alopecia and its emotional impact.. It has been written, in collaboration with families affected by alopecia, to provide an accurate representation of the challenges school can pose to young people with alopecia.

Staff Training Outline

  • What is alopecia?
  • Impact of alopecia on young people: social and emotional consequences
  • How difficulties can present in school
  • Managing the impact of alopecia
  • How to support a young person with alopecia in school
  • Key messages from young people with alopecia
  • Communicating with families/carers


The Staff Training can be delivered to a group with one member of staff leading or it can be completed online and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.