Welcome to the Nottingham Support Group. We are a new group for 2022 and look forward to seeing you soon. We know connecting with others going through a similar situation can be really helpful when coming to terms with our own alopecia journey, so if you are looking for some support, please do reach out.

What happens at a Group?

We meet up to talk, discuss ideas and support each other. We think this helps our members deal with their condition. We look forward to welcoming anyone that would like to attend our meetings.

Group dates:

Date: Time: Location: Extra Meeting Details:

Please contact the group lead prior to attending a meeting so they can plan accordingly. 

Who can attend:

This group is designed for any adult living with or affected by alopecia from the ages of 15 and above. 

Contact details:

Alice Austin 
Email: [email protected] 
Instagram: alopeciaalice
Alice is happy to answer any questions about the group and provide a listening ear at a time arranged by email. Please be aware that any questions Alice is unable to answer will be sent on to staff at Alopecia UK.The group leads are not professional counsellors but people who have personal experiences with alopecia and, along with members of the support group can help to give insight and advice on living and dealing with alopecia on a day to day basis. Please note that our support group leads are volunteers and do this in their spare time, as such please allow up to a week for replies to emails.

Alice's link to alopecia: 

I’ve had alopecia since I was little and have been on a real journey, but now feel in a place where I can help and support others. I feel really passionate about raising awareness of alopecia and feel really excited to be setting up a group so that I can connect with other people. The group will be a safe space for people to share their experiences and support one another as living with alopecia is tough and we need to feel connected to others who know how it feels.

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