The Sancus Project recently caught our eye on Instagram. A film featuring 6 young people with alopecia. We had a chat with Adam Rhazali who created the project with his partner Iwana Cristal. Before you read our interview with Adam, here is the video. 

(Warning; this video contains swearing throughout)

Adam, what is The Sancus Project?

The Sancus Project takes on stories we don't often stop to think about, aiming to be a voice for the vulnerable and a platform that explores and encourages empathy in a world where it seems so scarce. 

What inspired you to start it?

Originally I started the project to create some transparency around what living with alopecia is actually like. It's such a scary and confusing thing. This is for the people that feel held back by their hair loss to show them that they're not alone. This is for the mothers and fathers that are worried their child may not have that first love or be treated differently at school. This is to help educate and show that life isn't over, to show that it doesn't define. Alopecia doesn't take away from you, it adds. This is what inspired me. 

How did you connect with the others who took part in ‘Chapter 1: Alopecia’?

I've had alopecia for around 3 years now. And only recently did I take back control and power over it. I felt a deep and meaningful connection and understanding with everyone I interviewed. We all have shared experienced that only we could understand and that was a feeling like no other, one of community. 

That's lovely and community is a big part of what we try to provide at Alopecia UK. Being an actor and model with alopecia areata, have you found any challenges to having a visible difference in a career with such a focus on appearance?

I have definitely faced a lot of knock-backs but it's about always pushing forward. Own what makes you different and people can not help but appreciate and respect that.

Do you have any advice to any children/teenagers with alopecia who may be struggling with their alopecia?

I understand what you’re going through, I get it, I really get it. Some days you wake up and it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened and some days you wake up and you just don’t care. I understand how your day could be going amazing and someone just looks at your head the wrong way and your day is ruined. Life isn’t over however, the clocks keep ticking and the world keeps turning. Don’t let ANYTHING hold you back, wear it with pride and with your head held high, as high as it can go. People may say mean things, they may stare. They just don’t understand and they never will but do not let that change how you are or how you look at yourself. In a world where everyone strives to be the same you’ve been gifted with the opportunity to stand out. Take that opportunity and rock with it.

And we understand there is a fundraising element for Alopecia UK? Tell us more! 

Through The Sancus Project we took some amazing stills. My partner and I teamed up to make t-shirts with these stills on them so people can wear them with pride. All of the proceeds on these t-shirts will be donated to Alopecia UK to help support a wonderful cause. 

Order your Sancus Project t-shirt here