Do you own a business? Perhaps a shop, restaurant/café, consultancy firm, online company? Or do you work for a brilliant employer who might be willing to support a cause close to your heart?

We are looking for 10 businesses willing to sponsor £170 to help reach our £1,700 target, to fund free tickets for children with alopecia to attend our Alton Towers event in 2024.

Every year we fund tickets for children with alopecia to attend our popular and impactful event at the Alton Towers theme park. Typically, this budget comes from our general charity income. 

We all understand that the cost-of-living crisis is greatly impacting families and additional costs are becoming harder and harder to fund. 

We are hoping that 10 generous business owners will help us with what might represent a small cost to them but would make a HUGE difference to Alopecia UK and the families we wish to support.

We hope within our amazing community we might have some business owners who might read this and think ‘I can help!’. Or perhaps people within our community could ask their friends and contacts if they can help us.

Why is our Alton Towers event so important for children with alopecia (and their families)?

We will let our feedback speak for itself...

"Very emotional for me and my daughter to see so many children and adults with alopecia.  Until that day my daughter was thinking she is the only one child with alopecia in the UK. She was nervous she might be the only one there. Her face said it all when she saw many more people just like her. We had a lovely group. People were so nice, volunteers supportive and helpful.  It was great to experience things together!"

"I saw a genuine smile from my son which I hadn't seen in the two years since he lost his hair.  Was wonderful.  But equally his brother loved the rides so both boys were really happy, and so were the parents.  Both boys are asking to go next year."

"THANK YOU!!! My daughter - who has Alopecia - described the day (our 1st Alton Towers event with you) - as “one of the best days of my life mum!!!”

"Thank you for arranging these amazing events - they are invaluable to both the person with Alopecia but also their families too. The support and help & advice is something that I have personally hugely benefited from."

"We love being a part of Alopecia UK. Year after year getting involved and showing our daughter that she is part of a community."

So please consider helping us give a child with alopecia a day for them to feel supported by those around them, part of a community who cares and of course, have fun!


Additional information:

We want to recognise the businesses that support us. For those able to sponsor we will provide the below in return (only if you wish, we are happy to accept anonymous sponsorship too!):

£170 sponsorship

A thank you to all that donated this amount on Facebook and Instagram stories ahead of the event (including tagging your business account)

£500 sponsorship

A thank you on our social media channels
"Event kindly supported by" & your logo on our event webpage 

£1000 sponsorship +

A thank you on our social media channels
"Event kindly supported by" & your logo on our event webpage 
Your company leaflet in our event bag

Not a business but want to donate? We kindly welcome any individuals able to give towards this appeal and thank you in advance for your generosity.