We are excited to share details of a musical fundraising evening for Alopecia UK this June. 'Saha - The Joy of Togetherness' is an evening of Bhajans and Sangeet, a celebration of unity and compassion through music. 

Pritee Varsani and a team of esteemed musicians, including Atul Cantilal, Robin Cristian, Alok Verma, and Nishit Patel, will set the stage for a fundraising event not to be missed. 

The event has been organised by Red Lotus Events CIC, Alopecia UK supporter Hetal Peshavaria and her daughter Shivani Peshavaria, who are keen to support the work of the charity and raise awareness of the impact of alopecia within the South Asian community. 

Hetal says: 

"I want to share what the last 10 years have felt like since my daughter Shivani was diagnosed with alopecia areata at the age of 5. Being a first generation South Asian Canadian, we found it challenging to explain what the implications of alopecia are to our community.

My advocacy began in the most organic way, and whenever the opportunity felt right, I began sharing our lived experience. Pouring my heart into this fundraiser is my way of turning my experience and pain into purpose, by raising awareness about an autoimmune disease that has been scary and life-changing for my family.

If I can even help one person feel less along on their alopecia journey, ignite the thought of shifting the mindset from a place of judgement to compassion, or provide awareness regarding this lesser-known disease...just one person, mission accomplished!"

Alopecia UK's Communications Manager, Amy, is looking forward to attending the event, along with our Reading support group leader, Neha. 

'Saha - The Joy of Togetherness' takes place on Saturday 29th June 2024 in Harrow, Greater London, and promises to be a wonderful evening of music provided by some brilliant musicians. Tickets cost £20, with all profits going to support Alopecia UK. 
Tickets are on sale now, and it would be great if it could be a sell-out!

Buy your ticket here

Hetal has shared this moving poem with us, to reflect on her experiences with alopecia..

Beauty is only skin deep” they say,
But are these words simply spoken?
In a world where the superficial is celebrated
The essence of this proverb feels broken.

“So what if it doesn’t grow back?”
They added, “it’s just her hair.”
The pain and grief was never enough,
No attempt to understand or care.

This new reality was painful,
But also unchartered and rare.
Why was this happening to my daughter?
It felt cruel, misplaced and unfair.

The helplessness creeped in,
They said there was no cure.
A mother could not fix this,
I could not take away the pain she had to endure.

Her life had changed forever,
It all fell out, strand by strand.
I stood by her with unconditional love,
And never let go of her hand.

I did not have a playbook,
No answers or solutions surfaced.
The only voice I heard in my heart was
One day I will turn this pain into purpose.