Videographer Jade Eagle has collaborated with a woman with hair loss on a short film 'Proud to be Bald'. Louisa has Alopecia Totalis and shares her experiences in the film.

Jade explains: 

"I'm passionate about capturing stories and creating cinematic, documentary style films which will have a positive impact on people’s lives. When I had first put out an Instagram post looking for people to take part in the film, I had a lady called Louisa get in touch saying she would love to come onboard with the project. At the end of her email she referred to herself as 'proud to be bald' and that is where it all started. When I began speaking to Louisa I knew she was the perfect contributor for my film, she was honest about her feelings towards her condition but her outlook on life because of this was so positive it was utterly inspiring. 

Alongside Louisa, I also had a few other people reach out to me who then changed their minds as they were not confident enough to be seen on camera or speak out about their experience with Alopecia. This gave me an extra push to create the film as the feelings they were experiencing were the drive behind creating the film in the first place. 

Even though I created the film myself, the first time I watched the final edit back it brought tears to my eyes. Louisa has such a beautiful soul and I truly believe everyone should share a bit of her positivity. Her words about being yourself are so encouraging and really make you think twice about what struggles you may be facing in life and the way in which you tackle them. I hope the film can help those with Alopecia by inspiring them to think more positively about their life and the way in which they view themselves. Alopecia can have such a huge impact on people’s confidence and I hope by seeing the film and hearing Louisa's story they will remember that they are beautiful and they too should be proud to be bald."

Louisa adds:

"I have had patchy Alopecia forever but lost all my hair 15 years ago. I emailed Jade and told her my story and asked if she would she consider me for her film. I told her that maybe some things in life are just meant to be that way, and that I am proud to be bald (apparently this statement swung it for me!). I wear a hat when its cold and deal with the sideways glances with good humour! I absolutely love Jade's film and I absolutely love my new eyebrows. And I am still proud to be bald!

You can watch the film here: