A photo taken by photographer Isaac Qureshi is a winning entry in the Portrait of Britain award by the British Journal of Photography. The subject of Isaac's portrait was his wife Katherine, who has alopecia. 

Isaac explains: 

"In July 2022, my wife, after dealing with mild alopecia for most of her adulthood, discovered that her hair was falling out in clumps. This was by far the most difficult period we have had in our marriage and over the last year my wife has come to terms with her situation and, in my view, become so much more powerful. On a sunny day at home in summer 2023, I wandered into the garden and saw her in this serene position, her fair skin perfectly contrasting with the dark background of the garden in the midday sun. To me, it exudes a peace, which has taken some time to achieve."

Katherine says: 

"18 months ago when my hair started falling out rapidly, I could never have imagined that I would be proud to be featured on billboards across the country bald!"

Isaac adds: 

"From my perspective, Katherine has shown incredible strength and courage through adversity and I couldn't be more proud!"

Portrait of Britain is the UK's biggest annual photography exhibition organised and run by the British Journal of Photography, established as an exhibition by the people, for the people, which sees 100 winning images exhibited up and down the country in a month-long digital screen display in partnership with JCDecaux.
You can see Isaac's portrait, along with all the winning Portrait of Britain photos, here. To see more of Isaac's work, check out his website here, or follow him on Instagram @isaac.a.q