Photographer Orlando Gili is looking for men of all ages and ethnicities with alopecia universalis (AU) to get involved in an empowering portrait photography collaboration with the Wellcome Collection.

The project has been inspired by Orlando's own experience with AU, and the realisation that there is a lack of awareness about the male experience. Building on a 2023 studio portrait shoot supported by Alopecia UK, the new series will be made of individual portraits taken in or close to the home of each subject, along with an accompanying interview about their story.

It will eventually form a Wellcome Collection online feature, bringing the issue to the general public, who are largely unaware of the difficulties and complexities of living with alopecia as a man.

The shoots will take place around the country between March and April 2024. Please get in touch with Orlando if you are interested in taking part - [email protected] 

(If you'd like to find out a bit more about Orlando, you can check out an earlier blog from him here).