Alopecia UK does not condone violence in any form.

Dealing with unwelcome remarks and being the butt of jokes is sadly an all too real part of having alopecia. This just adds to the distress and challenges faced by people with alopecia.

In a world where it’s unacceptable to make jokes about someone’s race, sexuality or disability,  we believe the same should apply to jokes about visible difference. Such remarks or jokes should be called out as unacceptable or inappropriate.

At Alopecia UK, we understand the difficult emotions that people affected by alopecia may feel, including loved ones of people with the condition. Alopecia UK is here to support anyone affected by any type of alopecia.

Our CEO Sue Schilling is available for interview.  You can find out more about alopecia and our support on our website

We have written a fuller blog post, including a wider narrative about the events from the 2022 Oscars, here