Please nominate Alopecia UK to win a £1,000 Movement for Good Award from Benefact Group.

It’s quick and easy to nominate Alopecia UK online at  (Please note, Alopecia UK appears twice on Benefact's system - with England and Wales number and our Scotland number - both are us so it's fine for you to use either). 

Winners will be drawn at random and the more times Alopecia UK is nominated the more chance it has of being selected.

With it continuing to be a tough time for donations and fundraising for small charities like us, if we were to win £1,000 it would really help us to continue the work we do. 

Alopecia UK's Communications Manager Amy Johnson says: "We have been lucky enough to win a Movement for Good Award in the past few years and it provided such a welcome boost to our income. We cannot continue the work we do without donations. £1,000 is a huge amount for our small charity."

Mark Hews, Group Chief Executive of Benefact Group, says: “Benefact Group is a family of award-winning specialist financial services companies and the third largest corporate donor to charity in the UK. We are delighted to be able to donate over £1million to good causes each year through our Movement for Good Awards and know these awards change lives for the better. We know that for many charities, £1,000 can make a real difference.”

Movement for Good is funded by EIO plc, part of the Benefact Group.

Nominate Alopecia UK today