We caught up with Sam Rickaby about her new story book, Monty's Mane..

What inspired you to write a children’s story about alopecia?

My son was diagnosed with alopecia areata at 4 years old and this is what inspired me to write a story. We hadn't realised alopecia could affect children so young, and we struggled to find a book for his age where the main character, or the hero, had alopecia. I decided to try and write one myself, and Monty's Mane was created! 

What message are you hoping children will take away from your story?

That they are not alone and that alopecia doesn't change who they are as a person. That true friends will love them for who they are, not for how their hair looks. Also I really hope it will make children aware of alopecia from an early age, and schools can discuss it more openly. 

How can people purchase a copy of Monty's Mane?

The book is available from Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones, as well as directly from Pegasus Publishers. A percentage from every book sold will go to Alopecia UK. 

Congratulations to Sam on the publication of Monty's Mane. We hope it will help lots of children with alopecia.