We have been awarded funding to develop a school pack which aims to increase awareness and understanding of alopecia, as well as how to support any child or young people with alopecia in school. 

As part of this project, we want to deliver a comprehensive, high quality pack to school teachers whereby they can deliver an interesting and engaging lesson with classroom-based activities that meet curriculum standards. To do this, we would like to engage with and gather input from a handful of professionals working in educational settings. 

We are looking for people to assist us with reviewing content, advising us on how the materials could be delivered in he classroom and helping to design activities to support learning. 

What will this involve? 

There are two levels of involvement. One is more basic; giving us some input and direction. The other may be more time-heavy; reviewing content and helping to come up with activities. For the latter, we may be able to offer you some financial reimbursement for your time. 

At the more basic level, only a few phone calls may be required. At the more time-heavy level, we expect this not to take up more than a few hours a month over the next twelve months. 

A lot of your involvement can be done online and over the phone however we would ideally like one education professional at each of our participation group meetings with young people and their families. This is just to observe the session. These meetings will help us to look at the types of difficulties young people experience and what material we need to cover. The meetings are scheduled as follows: 

- Leeds (West Yorkshire): Saturday 14th March 2020, for children aged 7-11 years

- Birmingham: Saturday 16th May 2020, for children aged 4-7 years

- Manchester: July 2020 (Saturday TBC), for children aged 11-16 years 

Alopecia UK will pay travel expenses and provide lunch/refreshments at the meetings. 

If you would like to get involved

If you can help us with this exciting new project, please email Kerry ([email protected]) and tell us why you are interested and what experience you have working in schools. 

We are always grateful to anyone who offers their time but due to time constraints we are looking for approximately six professionals to assist with this project.