It was another incredibly difficult year for our Judging Panel – including Alopecia UK founder Vicky Rees, Alopecia UK Trustee Steve Lindsey, Hannah’s parents Elaine and Steve, and Alopecia UK CEO, Sue Schilling.  

The Hannah Dennis Alopecia Awareness Award is in its third year, and we received so many wonderful nominations. We were blown away by the fabulous young people who have been busy over the last 12 months raising awareness of alopecia.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the young people who were nominated this year, and introduce the 2022 Hannah Dennis Alopecia Awareness Award winner, seven-year-old, Delena.

Congratulations Delena on being named the winner of the 2022 Hannah Dennis Alopecia Awareness Award. How did you feel when Kelly, Community Support and Volunteer Manager told you and your Mum that you’d won?

It feels so good to have won, I feel really happy!

Tell us about the things you have done to raise awareness of alopecia…

I wrote a book to raise awareness of alopecia, spoke about alopecia on TV and on podcasts, and held a ‘School’s Out Summer Party’ to raise money for Alopecia UK. My favourite part of the party was playing on the playframe and in the ball pit! Soon I will be writing a song all about alopecia too.

What’s the best thing about having alopecia and what’s the most annoying thing?

The best thing about having alopecia is that I don’t have to wash my hair, and the most annoying thing is having to wear hats in the winter as my head gets cold.

If you could tell everyone in the world just one thing about what it’s like to have alopecia, what would that one thing be?

Alopecia is beautiful, you can wear, wigs, headbands or nothing. You can do anything you want to. 

Over to Delena's Mum...

Why do you think it’s so important to raise awareness of alopecia?

So that people with alopecia are asked less questions, because the general public already knows about the condition. The more people who know about alopecia, the less you are having to explain. From that, hopefully people with alopecia won’t feel so different.

How has being involved with awareness activities impacted on Delena?

It’s been amazing to see Delena grow in confidence and seeing her shine. For our family it’s been nice to get involved in different things and together trying to raise awareness of alopecia – so again we’re getting the message out there.

How did you feel when you were told Delena had been awarded the Hannah Dennis Alopecia Awareness Award?

It was such a shock, it was amazing! Your call definitely made our day.

Congratulations Delena on becoming our third recipient of the Hannah Dennis Alopecia Awareness Award, and well done to Halle, Jonathan, Josephine, Niamh and Sienna who were also nominated. It is great to know there are lots of brilliant young people with alopecia doing great things to raise awareness.