The Alopecia Life podcast was launched by Deeann Callis Graham back in September 2019. Guest interviews are with celebrities with alopecia, along with parents and their children, mindset mentors, support group leaders, clinicians and more. Episode 7 features Alopecia UK's Communications Manager, Amy Johnson. 

Deeann explains: 

"On Alopecia Life, we talk specifically about a broad range of topics surrounding hair loss, including dating, autoimmunity, wigs, men and alopecia, how to ask for help & advocate for ourselves and our children, who we are with and without our hair, and so much more. 

Some of you may know me as the voice behind the microphone, but you may not know much about me personally. I live with my husband, Cedar, son, Lyric and our poodle, Noodle, in the USA. Our daughter, Kyla, recently moved away to start her own business. I have lived with Alopecia Areata for over 40 years. I felt very alone in my journey until I finally met others who understood. For 30 years, I never talked or shared about AA, but meeting others opened up a world of possibilities. I was able to share their stories in 'Head-On, Stories of Alopecia'. I took it a step further and got certified as a coach, with my main focus specifically on alopecia. My days as a professional are spent advocating and educating to help improve the lives of others who are living with our condition. I'm making up for all that lost time when I was silent, and i'm loving it!"

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