We caught up with fundraisers, dad Craig and 10 year old daughter Jasmine, who have a BIG challenge this Autumn to raise awareness and funds for Alopecia UK…

Craig, tell us about your family’s experience with alopecia

We’ve had a little roller-coaster so far with alopecia, a little like everyone I imagine! Approximately 1 year after Jasmine donated some of her hair to help create wigs for children with alopecia, she ironically developed a small patch of hair loss. This hair thankfully grew back as quick as it came but then shortly after contacting COVID 1 year ago, all of Jasmine's hair sadly fell out. As a family, we have coped well with the challenges alopecia has presented but not without a few tears at times. It's not until your child has alopecia that you appreciate the impact both mentally and socially this condition has in all aspects of life. We are all so proud how well Jasmine has just ‘got on with things’, continuing to join new clubs, working hard a school, getting scouted for a model agency and generally just being an amazing small human! She’s a real inspiration to all. Despite adversity, her positive attitude has just been simply brilliant!   

What are you both doing to raise funds for Alopecia UK?

Well, last year I did my first marathon. It’s obviously mid-life crisis time and after crazily signing up for my second, both myself and Jasmine thought it would be a perfect way to raise funds for Alopecia UK. To get Jasmine involved, she’s agreed to run the last mile with me to make it a team effort! Despite being fit from regular swimming, running is a totallly different ball game and so Jasmine will now have to work hard to try to be able to complete her mile with me!

Jasmine, you recently went along to Alopecia UK’s Kingswood Activity Camp weekend, what did you think about the weekend and what was your favourite activity?

It was great! I got to meet more children with Alopecia and made some new friends. My favourite activity was the problem solving. We had to work as a team which encouraged getting to know others more. 

And what do you think about your Dad running a whole marathon for Alopecia UK and how do you feel about joining him for the last mile?”

I think he's very caring to do it and hopefully we will raise alot of money! I'm a little nervous about running the last mile but I'm hoping to create lots of awareness of Alopecia! Wish us luck! 

We wish Craig and Jasmine all the luck in the world and thank them for supporting Alopecia UK! 

If you would like to drop a message of support to Craig and Jasmine, please consider leaving a small donation on their fundraising page to support their efforts and the work of Alopecia UK. 

Visit Craig and Jasmine's Fundraising Page