We caught up with one of our fundraisers, Chelsea Fraser, to find out what she's been doing to raise funds for Alopecia UK..

Tell us what you've been doing to raise funds! 

I absolutely love baking, it’s one of my favourite hobbies, so I’ve been doing a lot of raffles and raffling off some baked goods that I’ve made! It makes it more personal to me. My friends also have cake businesses so they have donated some cupcakes, cakes and more to the raffles to make the prizes bigger! 

Why did you decide to support Alopecia UK?

I chose to raise money for Alopecia UK simply because I have alopecia areata myself. At the very beginning I didn’t even know what alopecia was or that it even existed. I’ve had alopecia (from what I know of) for about 2 years now and since first discovering it I have been following Alopecia UK on all social media platforms for advice and support. Alopecia UK has helped me find out more into what alopecia is and it’s made me feel ‘normal’ to know that I’m not the only person in the world who loses their hair or gets bald patches. I want to help contribute to the charity and help the charity keep going because I know there will be other people in my situation who will rely on the charity and the resources it provides. 

You’ve raised £700 since June 2020; how do you feel about raising such a phenomenal amount for Alopecia UK?

It makes me feel so proud. I remember when I did my first raffle and I was very anxious that no one would enter it but I was blown away by the support. I recently posted on my social media accounts a post called ‘my story’ which I was asked to participate in by Dean Boyle (IG patchproblems) and since opening up and posting my experience, feelings and story with alopecia, a lot more people have shown support with the fundraising. Overall, I feel so proud and happy knowing I was able to raise an amazing amount of money, even during a lockdown, for a charity for close to my heart.

Have you got any further fundraising plans?

I haven’t got anything set in stone yet but I am constantly brain storming new fundraising ideas! I want to challenge myself, as I also have anxiety, so I would love to do a fundraising event which would challenge my anxiety and also raise money for the charity I love! I will definitely do a few more raffles and hopefully I can get some of my friends and family involved with some fundraising too.

A HUGE thank you to Chelsea for all her fantastic efforts. You can follow her on instagram: @chels_fraserx

With fundraising activity impacted by the pandemic, we are so grateful to those who are still able to get involved in awareness and fundraising on our behalf. If Chelsea has inspired you to do some fundraising but you're stuck for ideas, check out our blog post which includes some ideas for fundraising in socially distanced times.