Thursday 26th July 2018

Louise Barnfather is a third year student studying a BA (Hons) in Photography at Bournemouth University. She is doing a study with the subject 'Alopecia in Women', something Louise is passionate about. Louise lost her hair at the age of four and had Alopecia Universalis. Ten years later, following the return of some hair in her early teens, the diagnosis changed to Alopecia Areata. Since that time, he hair has continued to come and go without ever returning to a full head of hair. 

Louise is looking for women with alopecia, aged 18 and over, to complete her research questionnaire which will inform her dissertation. 

Her interests span Photography (Portraiture) the media (Television, Magazines) and Social Media imagery (i.e. Facebook, Instagram etc.)

In the questionnaire, Louise is seeking the views of other women who have Alopecia. She would be very grateful if you would take the time to answer these questions as fully as you are able.

The questionnaire is completely anonymous and has ethical approval from the university. 

Please click here to take part in the research study

Should you need to contact the researcher, her details are as follows: 

Louise Barnfather

Bournemouth University

[email protected]