Friday 25th May 2018

Alopecia UK is pleased to announce the arrival of an e-learning module about alopecia for GPs. The module, developed with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) is the first of its kind about alopecia. The e-learning module is designed to improve GPs' understanding of alopecia and, as a result, improve the patient experience. 

Hair loss is a common presentation in primary care, but doctors can find it hard to manage due to the lack of effective treatments. The module will discuss the different types of alopecia, the various management options and, most importantly, the psychological impact of hair loss.

Alopecia UK provided the RCGP with an educational grant to develop the alopecia module. We decided to support the development of an e-learning module due to the feedback we have received over the years from some individuals with alopecia. Many have felt disappointed by their interactions with GPs, often due to a lack of understanding and awareness of the psychological impact of hair loss. We are keen to try and address this and work with GPs to improve patient experience. 

As well as providing the required funding, we have worked closely with the RCGP to develop the module. We were keen to ensure that those with experience of alopecia were included in the development and introduced some experts who we have built strong links with over the years; from Dermatology, Professor Andrew Messenger and Dr Sharon Wong and from Psychology, Dr Kerry Montgomery. 

E-learning modules are one of the ways that GPs can build up the necessary hours of CPD they need to complete. We hope that many GPs will complete the alopecia module so they can improve their knowledge and understanding and be better equipped to manage patients with alopecia. 

If you would like to encourage your own GP and/or other GPs in your local area to undertake the module, we have created a letter that you can download and print. 

Click here to print a copy of the letter to take to your GP

We would like to thank the RCGP, Professor Andrew Messenger, Dr Sharon Wong and Dr Kerry Montgomery for working with Alopecia UK on this project.