A clinical trial that has been running since 2022 is needing to recruit a further 30 participants before the end of June. Study participants need to have mild-to-moderate alopecia areata (patchy or less than 50% hair loss NOT totalis or universalis).

The trial aims to test a new, once a day, topical product based on a mechanism with a well established safety profile in dermatology, and existing evidence of efficacy in treating alopecia areata.  The product has been modified to maximise the efficacy of this mechanism, and offer a cosmetically elegant topical cream.

If the trial is successful, the intention is to gain approval for mild/moderate alopecia areata so that it can be prescribed to all patients.

The aim of the study is to see how effective the new product is in inducing hair regrowth.

Who can take part?


  • Age 18 or over and living in the UK.
  • With mild to moderate alopecia areata (SALT score of 10-50 (10%-50% scalp hair loss))
  • With a current episode of patchy alopecia areata lasting more than 6 months
  • Able to read and write in English
  • Be generally in good health and not planning to become pregnant
  • Not be using any other alopecia treatments for at least 6 weeks (or 3 months depending on medication).
  • Not allergic to soy or peanuts.
  • Hair loss must be on the scalp (those with hair loss extending to other bodily areas, such as the eyebrows or beard will, unfortunately, not be able to participate)

The study has clinics in London, Brighton, Bradford, Southampton, Solihull, Gloucester, Manchester, Norwich, Glasgow and Dunfermline.