Welcome to the London group!

"It is most important for me to say that EVERYONE is welcome to join this group - all types of alopecia, different stages and types of hair loss, men, women, and partners/parents of people with alopecia. In addition, how you use the group is also entirely up to you - no-one is forced to speak if you would rather listen. Some people attend every session, others I might see once a year, and others only attend once to get what they need. All versions of support is absolutely fine, make this group what you want it to be for you! 

What happens at the group?

Support groups are held online and across London depending on the time of year. 

I try and offer a variety of events for the support group from support meetings to fun activities such as yoga, walks and quiz nights. I welcome any suggestions for feedback to make this group as great as it can be. You can find more information about the plans for 2022 below.

Group dates:

Date Time Location Extra Meeting Info

Wednesday 2nd February 2022

7.30pm Online

Guest speaker: Managing our mental wellbeing when living with alopecia

Wednesday 20th April 2022

6pm Online 

Support session

Saturday 4th June 2022

12pm-2pm London, SE23

Museum Exhibition - please contact Kelly confirm your attendance 

Sunday 24th July 2022

11.30am London, N22

Walk and Chat

Tuesday 20th September 2022

6pm-7pm Online

Please contact the group lead prior to attending a meeting so they can plan accordingly. 

Who can attend:

This group is designed for any adult living with or affected by alopecia from the ages of 18 and above.  

Contact details:

Kelly Young 
Email: [email protected]
Kelly is a part of the Alopecia UK staff team and is happy to answer any questions about the group and provide a listening ear at a time arranged by email. Support Group Leads are not professional counsellors but people who have personal experiences with alopecia and, along with members of the support group can help to give insight and advice on living and dealing with alopecia on a day to day basis. 

Kelly's link with alopecia: 

I first started noticing my hair would periodically shed....a lot, once every year or two from the age of around 14. For a few weeks each year buckets of hair would come out, but it always stopped and things would settle down/grow back. In 2015, about six months after I finished university, my hair continued to fall out more than this usual pattern and I noticed the typical 10p sized bald patch on my head. The dermatologist thought it might be reoccurring Telogen Effluvium and Alopecia Areata. I still get the odd patch or two, but now I want to support others experiencing all types of hair loss.

I am so passionate about helping people with alopecia. It can be a scary, confusing, and upsetting experience - I want to provide a safe space for people to chat and meet others in a similar situation. We're here if you need us.

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