Hi everyone,

Myself and Declan are cycling to work (Northampton to London - 83.9 miles) on the 1st of August in support of Alopecia UK.

If any one knows my family personally, you'll all know Eveie, my youngest sister who was diagnosed with Alopecia at a particularly young age. Alopecia UK were not only a great support to her, but us all.

Eveie was able to attend various "meet and greets" with other people who shared the same. From being part of these events myself, I quickly recognised the importance of these to Eveie as it showed to her that she wasn't alone, it wasn't just her! The people she met, the people who have since inspired her to be her confident self are the reason we are tackling this rather inaugural challenge.

The continued support that the charity provides to thousands of other people like Eveie is why we have decided to raise as much money as we can for this charity. We both will be posting updates on how our training is getting on and then the supporting team will keep an update of how we are getting on the day!

The money raised will go towards funding the support groups and also furthering research into Alopecia projects. Other external communities such as telephone helplines, email support and school packs will also be where money will be allocated in aim of educating more people on Alopecia.’

Teddy Rhodes