Team Green is made up of Jacob Green, Charlotte Green, Isaac Green and Dan Tomlinson all running for Alopecia UK.

Below has been written by Jacob and explains why we are all running for this charity.

"Just over two years ago, my hair started to fall out. The hair loss was rather drastic. All the hair on my body dropped out within less than a month. This hit me pretty hard initially, particularly mentally. My self-esteem didn’t exist for a good year post-hair loss, evidenced by not being able to look at myself in the mirror and avoiding social occasions due to a fear of other people’s opinions. Even now, I still have this fear but thankfully with time, it has lessened. Since losing my hair, I have been having regular treatment at York hospital with minimal success, which has led me to understand the need for further research into this horrible condition. Alopecia UK actively encourage and support the need for research in addition to providing advice, guidance and a platform for those that need it. Please give what you can to this worthy cause that is close to my heart."

Jacob’ Charlotte Green