I lost all of my hair in around 2 weeks in 2020 and naturally found it a very challenging experience. I no longer looked myself and even my shadow was unrecognisable, which was very disconcerting. I found it very difficult to go out looking so different which was made easier given the restrictions around in 2020!

Luckily, I found Alopecia UK on Facebook and felt a little less alone. One of the best things I did was join in with the virtual support groups over zoom. These were run by people with lots of experience and those attending openly shared their experience which I found really helpful and enabled me to have a bit more confidence to go out and about in the world again.

Alopecia UK has very little funding and relies a lot on volunteers. I am fundraising to enable the support groups both virtual and face to face to keep running and hopefully they will support others in the same way I was helped.

Ruth Saville