Last year my step sister sadly passed to suicide. Alicia was a hard working Doctor in NHS. However, she battled alopecia. I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been for her or any woman, man, or child that loses their hair.

BUT it doesn’t stop here! If you’ve noticed my hair has been growing out of control!

After completing my first ever marathon in Manchester on October 10th 2021, I wanted to create more awareness and empathy to normalize talking about alopecia.

So, hair length pending...I will be shaving all of my hair off, fully razored! This is a big step for me and puts me massively self conscious. Which is exactly what it must feel like for people who have alopecia. (Around March time).

(If we haven’t reached the target I will add in the beard and eyebrows, so please get donating! Haha!)

Rory Green Rory Green