I will be aiming to run sub 4 hours in the 2024 Manchester Marathon on Sunday 14th April.

Alopecia areata affects roughly 400,000 people across the UK at any point in their life. It can vary how much the auto-immune disease attacks hair as a foreign body.

In 2020 my family suffered the loss of Alicia Pylypczuk. She battled with Alopecia and it would have impacted her self esteem and mental health regularly. Alicia was a NHS doctor and had so much going for her. We tragically lost her to suicide in February of 2020.

Alopecia can affect men and women to different degrees. It’s usually shoved under the carpet. I’m running to help Alopecia UK support those who suffer from it.

In February of this year (2024), NICE officially recommended the NHS to prescribe Ritlecitinib once a day as treatment. A major breakthrough that the charity has fought hard for.

The work Alopecia UK do is so long, I want to give you the link of how important this money is and how it will be used:


*If we reach £500+ I will shave off all my hair!*

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for donating. In such tough times, it’s sincerely appreciated

Rory Green

Rory Green