This September Lottie and I will be trying to ramble, run, cycle and canoe 100 kilometres to raise awareness and funds for Alopecia UK. We will also be doing some things in school too further raise awareness of Alopecia.

Throughout the two years that Lottie has had Alopecia this brilliant but small charity has supported her through online group sessions, materials to help explain her condition to her peers and through a fantastic activities weekend where she got to meet lots of other children going through the same thing. Alopecia UK also raise funds to support research into this relatively unexplainable condition.

If you would be willing to support us you can donate via this page.

Thanks Lottie and J.

Wow after a truly humbling response in just one day to our appeal we have revised the target from £250 to £500 and now as we reach the end £750. Thanks one and all.

Challenge Diary
1st and 2nd Sept Lottie 5km rambling around Burton
3rd Sept 8.5 km of scooting by us both (4.25 km each) in and around Barton
4th Sept 6.5km for Lottie today rambling around Clumber Park with friends.
5th Sept 19km cycled between us around Pitsford Water.
6th Sept 1km ramble
11th Sept 5.5km each (11km) rambling and canoeing
12th Sept 10km (J 5k run Lottie 5k cycle).
19th Sept J 15km cycle.
25th Sept 11km (J 5.5k run Lottie 5.5km)
26th September 16km cycled and opted between us.

Running total 104km

CHALLENGE COMPLETE :) Today we were both a bit sore and tired after yesterday's efforts, Lottie particularly. So I did the first few km on my bike and Lottie joined me so we could Scoot the last couple together. Overall we added another 16k between us which takes us past our 100km aim for September. I am so proud of Lottie, and as her t-shirt says this challenge has created some positive vibes for both of us.

Thanks so much for all the donations. The kindness of family, friends, colleagues, former pupils, acquaintances and complete strangers has blown us away. THANKYOU! :)

Hopefully we have raised awareness of Alopecia. It affects 1 in 4000 and whilst it is not life threatening it has huge impact on individuals, particularly as there is no real treatment or understanding of it.

I will leave this donations page active. Alopecia UK really has been the main support and hope we have had as a family. They are a tiny charity that does fabulous work so every little bit really does help. James Leigh