It is an unusual condition to experience, but for a Mum and a Daughter to both go through it is even more unusual. And cruel. And unfair. But (as our family slogan goes) it is what it is. And we will not go quietly into the night and hide. We will do our best to raise more awareness and understanding and try to spin the positives out of what have been very hard, very upsetting and very testing times.

So we have set ourselves a challenge, Bea, Mabel and I. Our plan is to bake as many things in one day that we can - cakes, scones, brownies, banana bread, cookies... you name it and we will bake it. We are then going to split in half what we have made - one half we will do a bake sale with and the rest we will distribute to homeless people in Manchester.

It's not climbing a mountain or running a marathon. But something us girls will do together (and I am a dreadful baker so would actually prefer the mountain option!) and will hopefully go someway to raise some pennies and awareness.

We really hope you can support us. If you feel you can, click the 'donate' button up on this page and send this charity £2, £5, £10... any amount you can afford and want to give. We would love you even more for it. It means so much to us.

With love from us three xx Bea Smith