Hi all,

So for the first time ever I'm running the London marathon. I've been running for a few years now but decided it was time to up my game and push myself that bit further. I managed to get a place in the virtual marathon so will be running it in my own area on Sunday 3rd October 😄

I really wanted to try and raise some money for a well worthy cause. Now I've been hairdressing for 25 years so I know only too well that your hair and how it looks, can be so important to how you feel...but it's even closer to my heart than that!

My beautiful sister Zöe developed alopecia when she was 15. She always managed to disguise her patches growing up with her long hair, sometimes they were worse than others but she's always just dealt with it. Then last year possibly following her having covid, she had a much bigger hair loss which prompted her to get her first hair piece. Unfortunately that was quite short lived as it continued to fall and she went on to get her first full wig, which was amazing and she looked great...Now several months on she has decided to not wear it and embrace how she looks. I can't express how much admiration I have for her, she has never once said poor me or showed any bitterness towards her fate. She looks absolutely stunning and her dignity shines above everything. We aren't sure whether her hair will come back but whichever way she is a true ambassador for alopecia UK and I'm so proud and looking forward to raising as much as I can for this amazing charity. Zöe will also be running the last leg with me 😁

THANKYOU in advance for all of your support it means the world to us all.


https://www.alopecia.org.uk/joannas-london-marathon-fundraising-page-for-alopecia-uk Joanna Archer