I've always wondered whether I could shave my hair off, and the idea terrifies me! But then it occurred to me that

1. At least I have a choice as to whether to shave my hair off!
2. Who says you need hair to be beautiful?

So, to make sure something good comes of my lockdown locks, I'm going to be shaving my head on the weekend of 29/30th May, donating my hair to the Little Princess Trust, and raising money for Alopecia UK.

I also hope that by rocking a buzz cut, I can help to show that you don't need hair to be pretty!

Alopecia UK is a small charity working to improve the lives of those affected by alopecia. The charity has aims around Support, Awareness and Research.

Alopecia UK relies on the support of fundraisers and donors to continue the fantastic work it does.

Thank you for supporting me with my fundraising efforts. I really appreciate your support and so does Alopecia UK!

P.S. A few people have asked whether Alopecia UK supports animal testing. I am not really qualified to answer this question. However, I can point you to this page: which states that Alopecia UK supports "the principle of using animals in research when there is absolutely no alternative", and in particular that they support this statement from the AMRC: It's important to do your own research before donating to any cause. If your values don't align with those of Alopecia UK then it's absolutely OK not to sponsor me. Anonymised User