I have recently developed Alopecia Areata literally overnight. It's quite a scary thing to happen and get use to. As a woman our hair is part of our identity. After crying, severe lack of sleep and questioning why is this happening to me and why now? I want to share my experience. Nobody is alone in this process.

I've had some investigations and it leaves the mind boggling when health professionals don't know why its happening. I have shaved my head literally weeks after clumps of hair were coming out. I took back control! It is awful on someone's mental health when that happens. It helped me to shave it rather than see more clumps fall out which ended with me crying.

I think there needs to be more awareness around Alopecia as there is stigma around baldness. There is little consideration for a person's mental health. I have not once been offered support for this throughout the process. Which is awful! in fact most health professionals have fobbed me off. I am a mental health nurse, so luckily I do know how to help myself, but it is still difficult!

I am doing this for my children, particularly my daughter to show her I am a strong person and losing my hair is going to be a part of me but it isn't me! I am a strong person!

So please help donate money towards a good cause. Thank you in advance Jemma McNeill