I thought it was about time to do a fundraiser and seeing as (thanks to alopecia) I’m now incredibly streamlined, then running seems to be the only logical option. I’ve decided to challenge myself and sign up to the Spartan Trifecta in 2020. This is usually completed by doing 3 separate races of varying difficulty over the space of a whole season. I shall be doing all 3 races in less than 48 hours and finishing the season off with an Ultra. I shall be doing the Trifecta at the start of July 2020 in Morzine (France) and I shall then be heading back to Scotland for the Ultra in mid September 2020.

The Morzine races comprise of the following, all completed within 48 hours (Saturday 3rd July 2020 & a Sunday 4th July 2020):

Saturday 3rd is the BeastRace:

13 miles/21km and 30 Obstacles, the fastest time it has ever been completed in is 3 hours.

Sunday 4th will comprise of two races, back to back:

Sprint - 3 miles/5km and 20 Obstacles, the fastest time is 40 minutes.

Super - 8 miles/13km and 25 Obstacles, the fastest time is 80 minutes.

I will be returning to Scotland in early September to do the Ultra:

Ultra - 30 miles/50km and 60 Obstacles, the fastest time is 7 hours.

I will be entering these in the ‘Elite’ category, so my time will be recored and I’ll be placed on a leaderboard with professional and sponsored racers. For every position I am from 1st place, I shall donate £1 to this page - for all races.

If any of you know me well enough, you know that there are few things I hate in the world more than running.

If any of you reading this with Alopecia want to get involved then feel free to drop me a message. (Instagram: @SilkyIain).

If you could donate to a good cause, that’d be great

Iain Hastings