I am fundraising for Alopecia UK because I know from experience it can be difficult for a person - adult or child, man or woman - when they experience hair loss. It also affects those around them through a lack of awareness or sensitivity. Alopecia UK works to support those with hair loss and educate as well as to fund research into this little understood autoimmune condition.
I lost my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes through Alopecia 35 years ago so, for over half my life I've been totally bald. It's part of who I am. In the early days I found difficulties (and found some of those around me did too). I was refused a job I really wanted because the manager felt I didn't handle stress well. She met me twice for interview, had two positive references to read but I can only assume that to her, my alopecia equalled inability to withstand stress. Subsequently for over 20 years I was a family social worker in the North and East of the city of Hull - not a stress-free job I think you will agree!

First impressions are important to people so we need to make them aware that hair loss does not denote weakness of any kind. And for those experiencing alopecia, they may well need and benefit from the support of a charity with experience and expertise to draw on. This is why I am supporting Alopecia UK this Alopecia Awareness Month.
So, what am I doing? I intend to be everywhere in this great city during September. I will be walking from Sainsbury's on Princes Avenue, starting at about 10 a.m. to the following places on the following days:
1st Sept - MKM Stadium
2nd Sept - Old Boothferry Park.
4th Sept - Spurn Lightship
5th Sept - The Deep.
6th Sept - Guildhall.
7th Sept - East Park.
9th Sept - Cottingham Market.
11th Sept - Boyes Hessle Road.
13th Sept - Priory Pub.
19th Sept - H&ER Streetlife museum.
20th Sept - Sutton Village.
21st Sept - North Point Centre Bransholme.
22nd Sept - Preston Road Freedom Centre
23rd Sept - Boyes Holderness Road.
24th Sept - Orchard Park Centre.
25th Sept - Trinity Market.
26th Sept - Craven Park (Hull KR)
27th Sept - BBC Building.
28th Sept - St. Stephen's Shopping Centre.
30th Sept - Humber Bridge.

Don't forget.... Bald is Beautiful!

Graham Till