Hi my name is Holly. I have a little, well not so little now, brother with Alopecia. He has total hair loss on his scalp. Owen's journey with Alopecia started when he was just 18 months old. My Mum noticed a penny sized spot of hair loss. As the months progressed Owen's hair started to shed a lot. He then had about 80% hair loss. Owen's hair grew back when he was about 5. But then three years ago he started to lose his hair again. It was patchy and then became so patchy Owen asked Mum and Dad to shave his head. Since then he has not looked back.

Having no hair has at times made Owen very sad. He gets a lot of looks, and often stares, when he is out and about. He likes to wear a hat sometimes so that he can get a "pass" for the day. A pass is where no one looks at him, and he does not get the ripple effect of stares from sometimes very rude people. He has been asked if he has Cancer so many times. This is very upsetting for Owen, and for the family. My brother is an inspiration to us. His ability to show kindness and care to others is amazing. Because he knows how it feels to be the one who gets picked on, the person that stands out. So he shows others that kindness is really all that anyone needs. Kindness and hope.

I would like to raise some money for this incredible organisation so that they can help kids just like Owen to get together, and chat about how Alopecia makes them feel. And let them know that they are not alone. We all do a Sword Art called Haidong Gumdo. So I am going to do 100 cuts, my Mum will video this and and upload to my fundraising page. Thank you for reading our story and helping.

Holly Lloyd-Cowley