Thi Dinh On Saturday 6th October, I will be shaving my hair (grade 1 or 2) to raise money for Alopecia UK.

I’ll be honest with you all, I’m sh*tting myself as I’m effectively going to stay single for quite a while because I think my head is not particularly attractive and I don’t think I have the bone structure to carry this off! Good time to work on the personality ;o)

We often see our hair as an extension of our identity and the relationship between hair and self-esteem is evident across all of society.

A dear friend of mine lost all her gorgeous hair a couple of years ago and I really admire the way she’s dealing with it and how she is challenging the notion of hair as a symbol of beauty in popular culture.

Thank you in advance for supporting me with my fundraising efforts, I’ve been the £5K target is pretty ambitious but I’d like to think London would give good money to charity to see my wonderful flat head!
Thi Dinh