Alopecia UK is a small charity working to improve the lives of those affected by alopecia. The charity has aims around Support, Awareness and Research.

I was first told I had Alopecia Areata 2 years ago. I had one bald patch. I was going through a rough time, so I felt as though I had a reason as to why my hair fell out, although it may not have been the right reason, it gave me comfort knowing I could match it with that. Thankfully, it grew back about 6 months later. This year, 2 days before I was getting engaged, I discovered another bald patch. To me, it was a shock, I was well on my way out of the rough time, and couldn't work out as to why the hair had fallen out. From that day until now, I have found another 5 bald patches. My hair always was and has been so important to me, and it upsets me as to how people can throw around 'it's just hair' the way they do, because to me and so many other people it really is more than just hair. I feel as though not enough people are aware about Alopecia, which is why my partner, my mum, my sister and I will be completing the 5k Colour run, to raise awarness and money for a great charity.

Thank you for supporting me with my fundraising efforts. I really appreciate your support and so does Alopecia UK! Ellie Atkins