Me first, I ran my first half marathon last year to support Alopecia UK, and upon finishing that, I clearly said I never felt a need to run any further than that. That would be madness.

Then I got an email about the ballot for the London Marathon. And I thought, I'll never get in, so what's the harm in putting my name in the hat?

Then I got in.

Then I swore.

Why oh why did I put my name in the hat...

Well, it's too darn late to think about that now. And the positive side of it is I get to help raise awareness of Alopecia again, and hopefully with your help, raise a few quid at the same time.

So why do Alopecia UK deserve the funds? I can honestly say they've been transformational for Jonathan. About to hit Year 7 at school, when he lost his hair it was a huge blow. All of a sudden he was the one that looked different, the odd one out, the one who got stared at.

For me, the biggest step is helping to realise that you're not the only one in this boat. AUK bring the children together online, at meets, and at great events like adventure weekends and theme park trips. These are perfect opportunities to not only realise you're not alone, but to share experiences and feelings with your peers.

In the space of a year, Jonathan has gone from being the one feeling on the outside, to owning his condition and helping others do the same.

And it's not just the kids, you can develop Alopecia at any stage and they provide great support for adults with the condition too.

So, doing my best Smashy & Nicey impression, I'll ask that if you can drop a few coppers in the online tin, you'll know it's going to some guys who put their heart and soul into helping people with Alopecia. It's a small charity without the clout of the big guys, so have to work that much harder to raise funds and awareness. I'm hoping you & I can help them with the cause.

Duncan Child