My mam was recently diagnosed with scarring alopecia. Before her diagnosis, she already had thin hair, however as time as progressed since her diagnosis, she has began progressively losing her hair as it becomes wire thin, leading to a decline in her self-confidence. She decided at the beginning of March following a meeting with a support group at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary, that she would shave her head, this also lead her to decide about having her eyebrows tattooed. This all comes due to this type of alopecia ultimately leading to the complete loss of hair due to the scar tissue formed after the hair follicle is destroyed by inflammation.
In support of my mam, I too will be shaving my head, along with her and my dad, in mid-April.
This wasn't easy for my mam to decide, and any chance of me cutting my head usually doesn't come easy to myself, but for this, I had the instant reaction to, and I have no regrets and no intention on turning back on my word. Adam Morton