Service Directory Application Form

This application form is for businesses, operating in the UK, that provides services relevant to those with alopecia (hair loss).  

The Service Directory is currently suitable for businesses providing the following services:
Hair systems
Hair Extensions
Permanent make up (PMU)
Scalp micropigmentation
’Alternative hair’ care products
Wig styling services/alterations
Wig bank services
Lash & brow products
Accessories and Jewellery

Application Process

Step 1: Complete this form. Please allow yourself 20 - 30 minutes to read through and complete this application.

To process this application we will need from you:
- 300 words describing your company/business/service
- A banner photo, most often your logo (landscape, size 1600px by 700px).
- 3 photos showcasing your business
(ALL PHOTOS TO BE SENT VIA EMAIL TO [email protected])

You may wish to prepare the above before you begin.

Step 2: Alopecia UK will review applications on a quarterly basis (dates above). You will first receive an estimate. Your estimate will outline the total price based on your choices in your application. If you would like to add/remove any options you can do so at this time. 

Step 3: Once you have accepted your estimate you will receive your invoice. Your invoice will include payment terms and our preferred payment method. 

Step 4: Once your payment has cleared in the Alopecia UK bank account your listing will be created and added to the Service Directory. You will then receive a confirmation email with our welcome pack and any additional information.

Details for website

People affected by alopecia may purchase an Alopecia UK VIP Card from the Charity. Those who purchase a card will receive a physical card with their name on. This can be used in-store to access any discounts you offer. They will also be given a discount code for online retailers (which you will need to set up on your website if you are an online retailer - more information will be covered in our welcome pack). 

There will be a new card design each year. We will update businesses annually with new discount codes when they change. We encourage all businesses to provide a discount to VIP Cardholders as it gives an added incentive for customers to come to you. 

Tags for webpage filter

The Service Directory includes many businesses and is listed alphabetically.

As such we offer a way for website visitors to filter businesses by the region/s they are based in, the service/s they provide and (for wig businesses only) the wig brands/ hair types they sell. This helps them narrow down to appropriate and relevant businesses.

For businesses on our Service Directory, each basic listing includes one region tag and one service tag. (For wig businesses you can also select as many wig brands/hair types as you like).

You may wish to feature in more regions or showcase that you provide more services. These will come at an additional cost. Below you may select which you wish like to feature in.

Wig/Topper Suppliers only

Please note the next section of information is only for businesses who sell wigs and/or toppers.

Details for invoice

Once your application has been processed you will be sent an estimate. This estimate outlines the price based on your choices. Should you wish to add or take anything away it is at this time you must inform us.  Once the estimate has been accepted we will issue an invoice. An invoice establishes a legal obligation on the part of the client (yourself) to pay the charity for those products and services. 

Terms and Conditions

Your application to feature in the Alopecia UK Service Directory is subject to your acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions:

1. This Service Directory is only available to businesses operating within the UK.
2. Featuring in the Alopecia UK Service Directory does not constitute an endorsement by Alopecia UK. We make it clear that the charity does not endorse any suppliers. As such your own website, or any other communications, should not suggest that Alopecia UK recommends or endorses your business. We welcome and encourage businesses linking to Alopecia UK from their own website. We will provide a ‘Proud to Support Alopecia UK’ graphic as part of your welcome pack. We ask that this is used instead of just our regular logo. 
3. Your listing will be added to the Alopecia UK website upon receipt of payment.
4. The Service Directory runs from four points in the year (as outlined). No applications will be processed or added outside these months.
5. Renewal notices will be sent at least 30 days prior to your subscription end date. Renewal confirmations must be received by the stated cut off date to remain on your subscription year.  If you miss this cut off date your page will be removed and any renewals will be processed on the next quarterly cut off date.
6. Should you require any amendments to your webpage, please request them by emailing [email protected].
7. Alopecia UK accepts no responsibility for any technical problems which may result in the charity’s website being offline. The charity will always seek to address issues with its website provider to ensure any downtime is minimal.
8. Whilst Alopecia UK encourages businesses to give discounts to Alopecia UK VIP Cardholders, the charity agrees to treat all businesses equally. Where discounts are given, the discount rate must be displayed on the businesses Service Directory web page. 
9. Businesses must NOT share the Alopecia UK VIP discount code at any point.  This is for those who have purchased an Alopecia UK VIP card via the AUK website only.
10. By completing this application form you agree to adhere to maintaining high ethical standards and treating all customers fairly and with respect.
11. Alopecia UK reserve the right to remove businesses from the Service Directory if we understand them not to be adhering to the points above. Refunds will be at the discretion of the charity.
12. Businesses who join our private Facebook ’Alopecia UK Products and Services Chat Group’ must agree and adhere to the rules of that group. Any businesses not following those rules may be removed from the Facebook group, but will not be removed from the Service Directory.
13. Alopecia UK reserves the rights to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and in doing so will email out to all businesses listed in the Service Directory. Continued use of this site by you once the notification of changes have been sent will constitute your acceptance to these changes.
14. These Terms and Conditions are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Should a dispute arise they shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

Alopecia UK Registered Charity Number 1111304 (England & Wales) and SCO44702 (Scotland)