This is the big meet up for the day and can have a huge impact for those with alopecia as they can see how many others are there who are just like them.  Do try not to miss it because people are always annoyed at themselves when they do!

Getting some lunch

Note that there are no food stalls in the Hospitality Suite other than the cash bar (12-3pm) with drinks and chocolate/crisps.  Do bring a pack lunch if you can as this saves any queuing time and means you can make the most of this get together.  If you have bought a sandwich through Alopecia UK you will be given a voucher with your tickets and you can then collect your sandwich from staff in the Hospitality Suite.  Otherwise there are food outlets on Towers Street or alternatively there also looks to be one up in X-Sector. 

Note that while things look close on the Alton Towers map - it's very deceptive and is actually a long walk!  Food queues can also take up a chunk of time.  It's up to you how you manage your time but I'm just trying to give you a heads up based on learning from previous years.  To get as much as you can out of this day does require a little bit of extra organisation than you might normally do.

Q&A with Ambassadors

We have three of our ambassadors joining us today, Olympic gold medallist Joanna Rowsell Shand, Youtuber Tom Spencer (aka Tomohawk) and musician Joelle.  They will be joining some of the groups during the day and be available for a Q&A session and photos in the Hospitality Suite at lunchtime.