AUK T-shirts & Hoodies!

One of the main things we always get great feedback on is the fact that the majority of our attendees wear our blue Alopecia UK t-shirts and hoodies throughout the day.

Not only does it create awareness in the park for those outside our group, it also helps create a sense of unity between our attendees. It can be really powerful knowing that you are not the only one there with alopecia and that there are lots of friendly family and friends in the park who know all about alopecia. This leads to an incredibly supportive atmosphere in the park. 

"Being part of a sea of blue brings about a sense of confidence and support." 

"We all bought hoodies and hats and t shirts and wore them with pride."

"The fact that everywhere you looked there was blue shirts and you knew you always had a friend nearby."

"Seeing the field of blue and feeling part of a bigger group [was my favourite part]."

"Just seeing the sea of blue was a boost. How many others all coming together."

"Meeting up together to end the day "turning the train blue" finished the day on a high!"

"Wearing the t-shirts and feeling proud about alopecia [was my favourite part]"

"The t-shirts and hoodies were a great idea too so you could spot everyone round the park."

"It gives my son a big boast to see he is not alone. The sight of all those blues is just amazing."

The weather in April can vary considerably. We've had rain, we've had sun, we've had hot, we've had cold! On our 2015 trip to the park, it was pretty chilly! As a result, some attendees put their Alopecia UK t-shirts on UNDER their own jackets which made it really difficult to know they were part of the Alopecia UK group and create that same atmosphere of awareness, support, friendship and fun!

For this reason we encourage people to buy t-shirts/hoodies big enough that they could wear them over the top of other layers. 

If you are a bit nervous and don’t feel comfortable wearing Alopecia UK branding, that is totally fine and understandable - it is not a requirement in order to attend. But for everyone that is happy to do so, we really encourage it! 

Please note we sell hoodies & t-shirts at the lower price IF you purchase them ahead of time, when you order your tickets. We will have a small selection of hoodies and t-shirts for sale on the day but these are slightly more expensive and we cannot guarantee to have your size available as this any small amount of stock is offered on a 'first come, first served' basis.