We want everyone to come along and have a good time at Alton Towers and don't want anyone worrying about photos of them going out publicly via Alopecia UK. As mentioned in our Terms and Conditions we will be taking photos at this event and usually have a photographer or two following some of the groups round the park. We can't guarantee that you won't get captured on camera, however, on the day you will be able to register for ‘no photos’, this will entail taking one photo of you on the day so we can identify you in our photos afterwards. This will ensure you will be removed or blurred out from our Alopecia UK photos before anything goes out publicly on Alopecia UK website and social media. We ask that you make a conscious effort to remove yourself from posed group photos where possible as these will be used publicly and to advertise future events.

(Please note that we cannot guarantee that other attendees won't take and share pictures on their own social media. Please see Alton Towers own photo policy for how they might use any of their photos taken round the park).